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Author to Speak on Overcoming Grief, Organ Donation

Author to Speak on Overcoming Grief, Organ Donation Ten years ago, Laura Miller was a 14-year-old, high school freshman in Milwaukee, when she began getting headaches. Doctors didn’t find a cause for concern, but three weeks later, she had a seizure and was taken to the hospital, where she was given a CT scan. She was diagnosed with medulloblastoma, a rare, aggressive childhood brain tumor. Three days later, [...]

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Organ Donation

Organ donation: She died at 14. Her liver saved the life of a 40-year-old special ed teacher. “Mom and Dad, you have to donate her organs if they could save someone’s life!” It was the worst day of our lives, and our two younger daughters were with us in the hospital waiting room. Earlier that Saturday morning, we had learned their 14-year-old sister, our eldest daughter, had suffered a [...]

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Organ Donation Movement Expands Nationwide

Organ Donation Movement Expands Nationwide Check out the following blog post for SODA: Student Organ Donation Advocates, the national organization my daughter Sara founded and nurtured since her freshman year at Washington University in St. Louis. In 2009, Sara helped my husband Ron and I decide to donate our eldest daughter Laura’s organs. Since then she’s been determined—with a passion and determination that makes us proud—to educate high school [...]

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Chicago Tribune Column July 2019

Column: Her 14-year-old daughter’s liver saved another woman’s life. Now their friendship offers a road map through grief. "This article highlights the healing effects of our family's decision to donate Laura's organs. The piece also highlights our special ongoing relationship with the woman who received Laura's liver and the insights we've gained through trauma and loss." Read the Chicago Tribune Article Here

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The Gifted Life Podcast – Episode #107

In this Gifted Life Podcast, I enjoyed discussing how Laura saved the life of Trish O'Neill, a special education teacher in upstate New York. I emphasized that our family's organ donation decision -- on the worst day of our lives -- has helped our family create a sense of meaning from tragedy. I also describe Laura's personality and her profound legacy of love and hope. For so many [...]

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Mother Writes Losing 14 Year Old Daughter

Mother Writes Losing 14-Year-Old Daughter From Cancer This article summarizes our family's struggles over the past decade, discusses the positive psychology concept of post-traumatic growth (PTG), and highlights how we were initially surprised (and a little guilt-ridden) at our surviving--and eventually thriving--in the wake of two traumatic events. I had to learn to give myself permission to do whatever was best for myself and our family. CLICK HERE [...]

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Remembering Laura

Remembering Laura Each and Every Day ~ Exactly ten years ago today—on February 21, 2009—we were told what no parent should ever have to hear. “Your daughter has suffered irreversible brain damage. She is not responding to pain. She is legally brain dead.” The pediatric neurosurgeon’s words hit my brain, and I went numb. Our daughter Laura Miller—only fourteen years old—had died. Our worst nightmare had come true. [...]

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TMJ4 – Morning Blend Show Interview

A Journey from Grief to Growth During my television interview on TMJ4's Morning Blend Show, I address the challenges inherent in grief and suggest specific strategies for supporting family and friends who have lost a loved one or who face a significant struggle. I share my family’s tumultuous decade and explain how our community’s support helped us cope with the tragedy of losing our daughter and confronting my [...]

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Interview on WUWM89.7 Lake Effect Show

My interview focuses on our family’s experience with post-traumatic growth and the unexpected personal learning and deeper relationships that stemmed from our struggle with the meaning of my daughter’s sudden death. The segment also highlights the positive role organ donation played in our healing process. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO INTERVIEW

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After loss and crisis, community gave me strength

After loss and crisis, the community gave me strength Tragic. Traumatic. Miraculous. These words describe my family’s past decade. When our seemingly healthy 14-year-old daughter Laura died within days of being diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor, my husband Ron and I were shocked and distraught. Our sheltered family life in Bayside wasn’t supposed to unfold this way. We were overcome by the thought of never seeing Laura [...]

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