Mother Writes Losing 14 Year Old Daughter

Mother Writes Losing 14-Year-Old Daughter From Cancer This article summarizes our family's struggles over the past decade, discusses the positive psychology concept of post-traumatic growth (PTG), and highlights how we were initially surprised (and a little guilt-ridden) at our surviving--and eventually thriving--in the wake of two traumatic events. I had to learn to give myself permission to do whatever was best for myself and our family. CLICK HERE [...]

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After loss and crisis, community gave me strength

After loss and crisis, the community gave me strength Tragic. Traumatic. Miraculous. These words describe my family’s past decade. When our seemingly healthy 14-year-old daughter Laura died within days of being diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor, my husband Ron and I were shocked and distraught. Our sheltered family life in Bayside wasn’t supposed to unfold this way. We were overcome by the thought of never seeing Laura [...]

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