Laura’s Gift of Life Story

Trish received a second chance at life when she received Laura’s liver on February 22, 2009. Please watch this powerful video which highlights our family’s intersecting stories (created by Versiti Organ & Tissue).

Laura’s Life and Legacy

Laura was an “old soul” yet young-at-heart. As a child she engaged in adult conversations as much as she played dress-up with her two younger sisters. An academically-motivated and talented student, she enjoyed writing creative stories, hanging out with friends, and sketching dress designs; she had an unwavering desire to be editor-in-chief of a fashion magazine. In her all-too-brief yet meaningful life, Laura inspired friends and family with her smile and by her kindness to everyone she met. As an organ donor, Laura’s legacy extends beyond anything she could have imagined. She saved a life. She changed the world for the better.

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Join Us at the 11th Annual 5K Run With Wolfes Event on September 13, 2020 

Each year our family gathers a team for the Run With Wolfes Event in memory of Laura to raise money for brain cancer research and organ donation awareness efforts. These events have raised more than $1,000,000, and our family has contributed more than 100,000. Please consider joining the Laura Miller Memorial Team or forming your own group of runners/walkers.


In memory of Laura, we are raising funds to increase brain cancer research and increase organ donation awareness.

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