Laura’s Gift of Life Story

On February 22, 2009, Trish received a second chance at life when she received my daughter Laura’s liver. Please watch this powerful video highlighting our family’s intersecting stories (created by Versiti Organ & Tissue).

Laura’s Life and Legacy

Laura was an “old soul” yet young-at-heart. As a child she engaged in adult conversations as often as she played dress-up with her two younger sisters. An academically-motivated and talented student, she enjoyed writing creative stories, hanging out with friends, and sketching dress designs; she had an unwavering desire to be editor-in-chief of a fashion magazine. In her all-too-brief yet meaningful life, Laura inspired friends and family with her constant smile and acts of kindness. By becoming an organ donor, Laura miraculously saved a woman’s life — Trish’s life. Laura’s memory will always be a blessing to our friends and family,

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