Would your group benefit from talking about adversity, loss, and growth — and giving voice to their own?

Helping People Get Better at Grief and Empathy

Share Stories

Increase self-awareness and deepen commitment to organization’s mission

Confront Emotions

Learn how to accept and adapt to change and adversity

Practice & Refine

Become more compassionate co-worker, friend and family member

Together, we will customize a program that fits your needs.


Navigating Grief and Loss 

the struggle to confront your painful emotions
how to show up for the people you care about
ways to preserve the memory of loved ones
how to integrate the loss into your new identity

Recognizing Resilience &

Post-Traumatic Growth (PTG)

learn the basics of positive psychology research
identify your unexpected wisdom and growth
ways to increase likelihood of emotional growth

Exploring the Impact of Organ Donation 

effective language when talking with families
why every potential donor family needs to be approached
the donor family perspective
how to support donor and recipient families

Nurturing Community Support

the role relationships play in times of struggle
how to increase and access your support network
the power of authentic and vulnerable conversations

What People Are Saying…


“Thank you so much for being our Connect to Purpose speaker. My team really appreciated that you took so much time with us to share your story. What your family went through showed them that what they hope for really does come true — that sometimes their difficult donor conversations/cases can have such positive impact long into the future for their donor families, not only in helping them heal, but also thrive. Thank you.”

-Shirley Lam, Aftercare Supervisor, Nevada Donor Network

Let’s schedule a time to talk about your goals and timing.

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