Susan Angel Miller

Keynote Speaker

Customized Talks

I am passionate about sharing my personal story of grief and recovery in order to help others give voice to their own experiences. Through these candid conversations about death and loss, audience members come away with a realistic message of hope: that through the struggle with adversity, we all have the ability to gain wisdom and growth.

These life-changing conversations are why I love what I do!

By sharing the vulnerable details from my personal loss and trauma, I hope to lessen the awkwardness surrounding grief and impart practical and helpful coping strategies for both mourners and those wanting to show in times of need for the people they care about.

These in-person and virtual presentation provide a safe space for audience members to discuss their personal struggles. We learn from each other and take away new perspectives on finding strength and purpose through confronting the painful emotions.

What Do I Speak About?

My talks are designed for those who have endured significant loss and anyone who fears when that next bad event will occur and wonders how they will survive. My style and heart are open to folks across all socio-economic, gender, and racial demographics.

As the keynote speaker at community organizations, medical groups, and book clubs, I tailor each presentation to the needs of the audience. My overarching message centers on managing life’s unexpected challenges and encouraging individuals to give themselves permission to recognize and nurture the hope and meaning they uncover along their journey.


Managing loss and illness

Enhancing resilience and turning stress into inner strength

Developing meaning and purpose through personal narrative

Nurturing community and creating a support network

Understanding organ donation from a donor family perspective

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