Susan has told a gripping tale of her family’s resilience in the face of tragedy that is vulnerable and honest. Anyone who has experienced loss will recognize themselves in the tumult of doubt cast by grief from the mundane to the spiritual. You will root for this family’s survival that is told not just through a series of unfortunate events, but through the incredible growth that takes place after.

Kelsey Crowe, Co-Author of There Is No Good Card for This What To Say and Do When Life Is Scary, Awful, and Unfair to People You Love

Susan Angel Miller’s intimate and reflective evaluation of her life and how the loss of her daughter and her own trauma shape her life’s meaning is a beautiful story we can all learn from.

Terri deRoon-Cassini, Ph.D., Associate Professor /Clinical Psychologist Medical College of Wisconsin

Permission to Thrive provides a rare glimpse into the healing power of organ donation–from the perspectives of both the donor family and the recipient. This loving memoir will inspire anyone who believes in miracles and in the ability to create meaning out of tragedy.

Colleen McCarthy, Ph.D., Chief of Staff and Vice President of Organ and Tissue Donation, Versiti

Permission to Thrive speaks to the possibility and power of resilience–a capacity that is sharply honed in the face of extreme adversity. In these beautifully written pages, we glimpse the journey and absorb the wisdom and ultimate joy of hard-earned growth and self-discovery.

Amy Silverstein, Author of My Glory Was I Had Such Friends: A Memoir

An amazing book with a powerful message – a must-read for everyone.  This book not only shares a beautiful and touching story of how a family healed from tragedy, but it also provides hope and inspiration for all dealing with loss and grief.  It is living proof that growth is possible after a traumatic life event.  Thanks, Susan, for sharing a window into your life, encouraging all of us to grant ourselves permission to thrive!

Beth Oden

Permission to Thrive is a beautiful reminder that good can come from tragedy, if we are open to it. While few among us will not thankfully suffer the same tragic loss as the Millers, none of us are protected from sorrow. This book is a must read.

Joan B.

A wonderful book that is sure to inspire all who read it. Susan shares her family’s story of growth after trauma with such honesty. With support from family and friends, their family was able to move forward and even thrive after tragedy.


Ms. Miller courageously tells a difficult and personal story in a relatable way. Highly recommend for anyone needing inspiration as they face seemingly insurmountable sorrow.


Susan shares her thoughts–from the reality of trauma, grief, motherhood, and her own health crisis–to how she dealt with and helped others with their pain as well. How donating Laura’s organs saved a life, and how good can come out of darkness. Her book should be required reading. While she openly shares her vulnerabilities and lessons along the way, it’s a lesson on how to be there for others who may be grieving, and among other things, that you are more resilient that you know.

Debra M

Susan Angel Miller’s book is beautifully written, moving and informative. Whether you read it to learn more about her journey or to learn more about post-traumatic growth, it will be hard to put down!

Monica Fennell

Reading your book took me back into the pain and sorrow of the rawness of death. The everyday tediousness of it. The overwhelming presence of it that never seems to relent! Anyway, thank you for writing your book. I really appreciate your honesty. I so, so, so enjoyed your story and am so glad that you shared it with the rest of the world